Saheed Olakunle

Saheed  Olakunle

Director/Chief consultant, Samoc farms & consults

Lagos.Nigeria, Nigeria

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    Director/Chief consultant

    Samoc farms & consults

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His hobbies

More interest in agriculture and human development.

About him

I'm Saheed,An Agricultural consultant& also a fish farmer based in Lagos Nigeria.I'm fair in complexion ,with 5.3ft height,gentle,caring and easy going guy.
I so much believe in what I have and what I can do for my self but not what people can do for me.
I'm a graduate of Agricultural management & extension,specialist in fish farming and other aspect of agriculture.
Agriculture is my hope and it brings joy to me all the time.
I became a consultant in the field of agriculture both home and abroad since the year 2001 and I enjoying doing what I'm doing.I'm ready to work with everybody in as much as this will create a source of livelihood for both party as well as crating empowerment for people.
Finally.I have much flair for aquaculture and agriculture in general.